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MILA and world health –A 1.75 minute video

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Which is your favorite grain?

For years, I’ve been trying to limit grain from my diet, in the hope of sending off the excess pounds as well. Grain is carbohydrates, which are essential for energy, but which the body converts to sugar when in excess.

First to go was barley. Not easy at first, but somehow in the middle of a decided effort to clean out my system, I quit smoking cold turkey, and with it went the beer.

Next to go was corn. That was very very difficult, because I’ve always loved corn, especially the Japanese sweet ones. In the 60s, on our weekend trips to Tagaytay in the 60s, we would stop by this grocery (one of the few groceries back then) on Aurora Blvd.  where Momi would pick up a medium bag of tube ice, and  two bags of foot-long ears of cooked sweet yellow corn, cold but not frozen. During the 30-minute trip up to the rim of the extinct volcano, then known as Tagaytay Ridge, we would all enjoy our own ears of corn, no sharing and no left-0vers.  But the time we werebit off the last kernels, we were being greeted by the mesmerizing site of the smallest volcano on earth, and ready to jump off the car to run around the huge lawn of our simple one-story resthouse. Now back to my diet.

From the book by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo entitled Eat Right for Your Type, I learned that corn actully slows down the metabolism of Os like me.  I realized then that this was why I started to bloat when I stopped teaching dance regularly a decade ago.   I developed a craving for Japanese sweet corn that one can easily buy in Katipunan Avenue, reviving wonderful childhood memories and an insatiable taste for sweet yellow corn. Till now, I have to consciously stop myself from eating more than a fourth of  an ear of corn.

Without trying too hard, I take wheat breads  no more than once a week. I’ve discovered breads and pasta noodles made from yam (camote) which are actually tasty.

But rice is almost impossible to do away with. We just have too many wonderful dishes that need the balancing tastelessness and texture of freshly-boiled rice, as well as the fried and sauteed versions of this Filipino staple.

Yet, Ive noticed that since some 10 weeks ago when I first started taking MILA the miracle chia seeds, not only did I take less rice, but also generally ate much less than.  That’s because I felt full for longer periods of time. yet had so much energy to complete all my chores and aks for the day.

Found this very useful and revealing chart on the website of Lifemax. Didnt notice it until today, because I had always concentrated on the wondrous effects of perfect balance of Omega fatty acids that the Mila chia seeds was getting famous for.


This chart compared the nutrient values of Mila the miracle chia seed vs the more common grains we regularly take in today.

What we find is the incredible superiority of MILA to other grains — so much energy, protein, lipids, fiber, and just half the carbohydrates as the grains.

You may be interested in more information on omega fatty acids, proteins, fiber and phytonutrients.  milaNutritionpd

By the way, did I tell you that I am now excited everytime I step on the weighing scale, because the pointer always points to the left of my weight two months ago.  Yes I’ve actually lost 14 lbs as of this afternoon’s weigh-in. Am slowly nearing my target of losing 40 lbs…. only 26 more to go.

Read more about the growing and processing of MILA chia seeds.

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Gastroenterologist Dr. Mitchell Davis DO, FACOI talks about Omega-3 and Mila (part 1)

Gastroenterologist, Dr. Mitchell Davis, DO, FACOI talks about Omega-3 fatty acids and Mila by Lifemax.


Watch Part 2 of 3
Watch Part 3 of 3

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Mila Users agree on its effectiveness

So many people are now experiencing the incredible benefits of Mila the miracle seed.  This video documents some of actual experiences with Mila

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A whole food diet helps relieve many ailments

book-homeremedies-thOn a recent trip to Baguio City early this week, I got hold of the book “Home Remedies: A Guide to Symptoms and Cures”(WS Pacific Publications, Inc., Manila, Philippines, 2008).

I immediately started browsing through the colorfully designed book, and was amazed to discover that practically all the body ailments could be resolved through a wholefood diet.

Yes, health can be regained with a wholefood diet.  It wasn’t uncommon to read statements such as: “Lifestyle advice would include a wholefood diet, and hydrotherapy ….” OR “A naturopathic practitioner would advice a wholeood diet, and periodic fruit or fruit-juice fasts …. ” OR “A wholefood diet, stress reduction …. ” for such ailments as


This, by no means, is this a complete list of ailments that can be relieved, resolved and “cured” by a wholefood diet, coupled with other naturopathic measures. But it’s enough to convince me to consciously take on a more natural approach to my lifestyle and diet.

More fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, grains, foods high in essential nutrients, and lots of water to keep the body hydrated, and to balance off the junk that I’ve been feeding my body.

(Originally  published in Perfspot. – June 18, 2009)

June 19, 2009 at 12:22 am 1 comment

Mila and Psychotherapy

dale_keeton_wcredits-213x300Following my personal experience with taking Mila, and the several positive effects noted, I began to research the effects of Omega-3 as it relates to mental health and was appalled with my ignorance!  Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to a research physician at NIH who specializes in Omega-3.  With his encouragement, I began an informal “anecdotal” experiment with a few of my patients who struggle with depression.  Each one of them reported improvement in mood within a week of consumption.  Three of them decided (without my recommendation) to stop taking their anti-depressant meds, and reported that they did just as well without them.  While I still do not advise patients to stop their medication, I believe at this point that Mila enhances the effectiveness of the meds.

In addition to the most common effects of Mila such as improved energy and gastro-intestinal improvement, I have had reports of lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as a decrease in joint and muscle pain and weight loss.

A side benefit of Mila relates to the encouragement and hope that comes when long-term symptoms of physical and mental distress are diminished.  One couple came to see me recently with intense emotional, relational, and financial pressure.  Each presented an affect of hopelessness.  Following a general assessment and mental status exam, it was apparent that the husband had been experiencing life-long endogenous depression (and now, situational depression) and the wife had ADHD, neither of which had been diagnosed.  I referred them both to a psychiatrist for medical evaluations, but while waiting for their appointment date, they began taking Mila.  When I saw them the following week, he demonstrated more energy and optimism, and gave familiar reports of the positive effects of the grain.  She reported that she was focusing more clearly and really liked the changes she saw in her husband. More important than these reports, to me, was the renewed hope that their marriage could be saved and they could find a way to stabilize their financial situation.

June 14, 2009 at 10:58 pm 1 comment

America’s #1 surfer loves Mila

Karina Petroni nd Michael Lattuca, Jr.

Karina Petroni nd Michael Lattuca, Jr.

At 21, Karina Petroni has already lived a dedicated and passionate life. As the #1 female surfer in the United States, she has been making and breaking records within the surfing world since she was merely nine years old.

After her father suffered an aneurysm and subsequent stroke nearly two years ago, Karina and her family were motivated to organize The Never Quit Tour to help educate the community on how to avoid brain bleeds, stroke and heart disease through healthy life choices and to encourage survivors to take on a “Never Quit” attitude and live life to its fullest.

While Karina and her brother Erik were promoting the “Never Quit Tour” to a group of high school students in Ponte Vedra, Florida, Karina was approached by Michael Lattuca, Jr., a tenth-grader at the school.

Surfing in Indinesia in 2008

Surfing in Indinesia in 2008

“Understanding that our father had suffered a severe stroke and that our organization advocates the prevention of such conditions, Michael introduced us to Mila,” said Karina. “He explained that the omega 3s act as a brain food and that it might assist our dad in his recovery.”

Intrigued by the amazing health potential of Mila, Karina soon met with Michael’s father, Mike. After learning about all of the goodness that Mila has to offer, she decided to join Lifemax as an Independent Distributor.

“Mila and health are synonymous,” said Karina. “If you are health conscious like I am, Mila is the single best delivery system of Omega 3’s, without the mercury that is in fish oil.”

One of Karina’s goals at Never Quit Never is to make sure that everyone knows the benefits of good nutrition and exercise and the impact that they can have on the health.

June 13, 2009 at 11:09 pm 1 comment

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