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Mila and Psychotherapy

dale_keeton_wcredits-213x300Following my personal experience with taking Mila, and the several positive effects noted, I began to research the effects of Omega-3 as it relates to mental health and was appalled with my ignorance!  Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to a research physician at NIH who specializes in Omega-3.  With his encouragement, I began an informal “anecdotal” experiment with a few of my patients who struggle with depression.  Each one of them reported improvement in mood within a week of consumption.  Three of them decided (without my recommendation) to stop taking their anti-depressant meds, and reported that they did just as well without them.  While I still do not advise patients to stop their medication, I believe at this point that Mila enhances the effectiveness of the meds.

In addition to the most common effects of Mila such as improved energy and gastro-intestinal improvement, I have had reports of lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as a decrease in joint and muscle pain and weight loss.

A side benefit of Mila relates to the encouragement and hope that comes when long-term symptoms of physical and mental distress are diminished.  One couple came to see me recently with intense emotional, relational, and financial pressure.  Each presented an affect of hopelessness.  Following a general assessment and mental status exam, it was apparent that the husband had been experiencing life-long endogenous depression (and now, situational depression) and the wife had ADHD, neither of which had been diagnosed.  I referred them both to a psychiatrist for medical evaluations, but while waiting for their appointment date, they began taking Mila.  When I saw them the following week, he demonstrated more energy and optimism, and gave familiar reports of the positive effects of the grain.  She reported that she was focusing more clearly and really liked the changes she saw in her husband. More important than these reports, to me, was the renewed hope that their marriage could be saved and they could find a way to stabilize their financial situation.


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Mila and Gastroenterology

mitch_davis_wcredits-copyOn a personal note, Mila has made significant improvements in my health. I have genetic hypertriglyceridemia, and take 3 medications to control my lipids. However, the best reading for my LDL (”bad cholesterol”) was 120.  After 6 weeks using Mila, my LDL was 80, and my HDL (”good cholesterol”) rose from 50 to 65.  Both of these are cardioprotective.  Despite supplementing with Co-Q 10 while I take statins, I was still having problems with my memory and concentration.  Within a short period after starting Mila, I noticed a marked improvement in my mental capacity.  In addition, I have an improvement in my overall energy level.

Patient testimonials:

I have had many of my patients report improvement in their acid reflux symptoms, and several patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome have improved while taking Mila.  I find Mila useful to improve constipation, and am using Mila for my patients with fatty liver, both to support a weight loss regimen, and because omega-3’s reduce hepatic lipogenesis.

My most dramatic testimonial involves a young woman who has Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, who is Rheumatoid factor positive. She was regularly having severe flare-ups, and associated joint inflammation.  These symptoms required her to use 8-10 narcotic based pain medications, as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories daily.  Her energy levels were very poor; she could no longer exercise and was frequently calling out sick from her work.  After using Mila for 2 months, and since that time, her flare-ups are minimal, her pain medication and anti-inflammatory use is markedly reduced.  In addition, her hair is growing in thicker, and her energy levels have improved to the point where she is getting to the gym, as well as running again.  In her words, “Mila has given me back my life.”

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Mila and chiropractic healthcare

mark_luckie_wcreditsHaving Mila in my practice has dramatically enhanced my practice on so many levels.  First and foremost, the health of my patients has been taken to a much higher level, much quicker than anything else I have offered in my practice.

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Mila’s effect on rheumatoid arthritis

karen_gadol_wcredits1I have a 50-year old patient with rheumatoid arthritis. Her wrists were swollen, red and painful. Although, this was not why she came to see me, I couldn’t help but notice. I shared Mila with her and she reported at her next visit that as long as she consumed the food regularly, it helped to control her pain.

A 72 year-old patient has taken a laxative weekly for over 30 years to manage her chronic constipation. I shared Mila with her. Two weeks later she called to say that she was having bowel movements daily with no laxative use.

Another patient asked if it was safe for her 3-year old daughter to consume Mila. I assured her it was, as it is food and just like eating an apple or an orange. She told me that her daughter had experienced 8-10 seizures per day since she was 5 months old. No cause for the seizures could be determined. The child was on seizure medication but still experienced 8-10 episodes per day. Since initiation of Mila into their family diet, the seizures have almost stopped. She reports the child has had only 4-5 seizures over a 5 month period. These events have been shorter in duration and much less severe. Her child is also now speaking in sentences where she used to only “babble and point” to communicate.

A 48 year-old patient who consumes the Standard American Diet (SAD) came in with low energy and fatigue. I encouraged her to put some nutrition into her daily diet by adding Mila. At her follow-up visit she reported that she “loved Mila.” Her energy was up, her mood was improved, her outlook was better and she was telling all of her friends about it.

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Florida Physician Assistant notes major changes in patients

rachel_garcia_wcredits2Within one week of bringing Mila into the practice we noticed some huge changes in our patients.  All constipation issues seemed to resolve in all consumers of Mila.  Everyone had increased energy levels and less aches and pains.  We also had a registered nurse with a mother who was a post-stroke patient and had a complete change in her mental status within ten days on Mila.

We did a lot of research and found  multiple studies showing that Omega-3s helped with hair and nail growth, acne vulgaris, neurodermatitis, photodermatitis, psoriasis, burns, dry skin, systemic lupus vulgaris, and even nonmelanoma skin cancer. We recommended Mila to every patient who had any of the above listed issues.

Many of our patients take an oral medication called Accutane which is used for the treatment of severe or recalcitrant acne, one of common side effects with Accutane is hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol).  Just last week one of my regular patients came in with quite amazing cholesterol results. We considered taking him off of the Accutane due to how high his cholesterol had become while taking the medication.  This time we placed him on Mila with the Accutane, his total cholesterol went from 264 to 200 in a 30-day period. I have personally seen this food change a number of peoples’ lives and this has been very satisfying to me as a health care provider.

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