Mila and Psychotherapy

June 14, 2009 at 10:58 pm 1 comment

dale_keeton_wcredits-213x300Following my personal experience with taking Mila, and the several positive effects noted, I began to research the effects of Omega-3 as it relates to mental health and was appalled with my ignorance!  Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to a research physician at NIH who specializes in Omega-3.  With his encouragement, I began an informal “anecdotal” experiment with a few of my patients who struggle with depression.  Each one of them reported improvement in mood within a week of consumption.  Three of them decided (without my recommendation) to stop taking their anti-depressant meds, and reported that they did just as well without them.  While I still do not advise patients to stop their medication, I believe at this point that Mila enhances the effectiveness of the meds.

In addition to the most common effects of Mila such as improved energy and gastro-intestinal improvement, I have had reports of lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as a decrease in joint and muscle pain and weight loss.

A side benefit of Mila relates to the encouragement and hope that comes when long-term symptoms of physical and mental distress are diminished.  One couple came to see me recently with intense emotional, relational, and financial pressure.  Each presented an affect of hopelessness.  Following a general assessment and mental status exam, it was apparent that the husband had been experiencing life-long endogenous depression (and now, situational depression) and the wife had ADHD, neither of which had been diagnosed.  I referred them both to a psychiatrist for medical evaluations, but while waiting for their appointment date, they began taking Mila.  When I saw them the following week, he demonstrated more energy and optimism, and gave familiar reports of the positive effects of the grain.  She reported that she was focusing more clearly and really liked the changes she saw in her husband. More important than these reports, to me, was the renewed hope that their marriage could be saved and they could find a way to stabilize their financial situation.


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