Mila and Gastroenterology

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mitch_davis_wcredits-copyOn a personal note, Mila has made significant improvements in my health. I have genetic hypertriglyceridemia, and take 3 medications to control my lipids. However, the best reading for my LDL (”bad cholesterol”) was 120.  After 6 weeks using Mila, my LDL was 80, and my HDL (”good cholesterol”) rose from 50 to 65.  Both of these are cardioprotective.  Despite supplementing with Co-Q 10 while I take statins, I was still having problems with my memory and concentration.  Within a short period after starting Mila, I noticed a marked improvement in my mental capacity.  In addition, I have an improvement in my overall energy level.

Patient testimonials:

I have had many of my patients report improvement in their acid reflux symptoms, and several patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome have improved while taking Mila.  I find Mila useful to improve constipation, and am using Mila for my patients with fatty liver, both to support a weight loss regimen, and because omega-3’s reduce hepatic lipogenesis.

My most dramatic testimonial involves a young woman who has Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, who is Rheumatoid factor positive. She was regularly having severe flare-ups, and associated joint inflammation.  These symptoms required her to use 8-10 narcotic based pain medications, as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories daily.  Her energy levels were very poor; she could no longer exercise and was frequently calling out sick from her work.  After using Mila for 2 months, and since that time, her flare-ups are minimal, her pain medication and anti-inflammatory use is markedly reduced.  In addition, her hair is growing in thicker, and her energy levels have improved to the point where she is getting to the gym, as well as running again.  In her words, “Mila has given me back my life.”


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