America’s #1 surfer loves Mila

June 13, 2009 at 11:09 pm 1 comment

Karina Petroni nd Michael Lattuca, Jr.

Karina Petroni nd Michael Lattuca, Jr.

At 21, Karina Petroni has already lived a dedicated and passionate life. As the #1 female surfer in the United States, she has been making and breaking records within the surfing world since she was merely nine years old.

After her father suffered an aneurysm and subsequent stroke nearly two years ago, Karina and her family were motivated to organize The Never Quit Tour to help educate the community on how to avoid brain bleeds, stroke and heart disease through healthy life choices and to encourage survivors to take on a “Never Quit” attitude and live life to its fullest.

While Karina and her brother Erik were promoting the “Never Quit Tour” to a group of high school students in Ponte Vedra, Florida, Karina was approached by Michael Lattuca, Jr., a tenth-grader at the school.

Surfing in Indinesia in 2008

Surfing in Indinesia in 2008

“Understanding that our father had suffered a severe stroke and that our organization advocates the prevention of such conditions, Michael introduced us to Mila,” said Karina. “He explained that the omega 3s act as a brain food and that it might assist our dad in his recovery.”

Intrigued by the amazing health potential of Mila, Karina soon met with Michael’s father, Mike. After learning about all of the goodness that Mila has to offer, she decided to join Lifemax as an Independent Distributor.

“Mila and health are synonymous,” said Karina. “If you are health conscious like I am, Mila is the single best delivery system of Omega 3’s, without the mercury that is in fish oil.”

One of Karina’s goals at Never Quit Never is to make sure that everyone knows the benefits of good nutrition and exercise and the impact that they can have on the health.


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