Are we getting the right Omega-3’s?

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Not all Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the human body. Ive learned this today from Dr. Wayne Coates, perhaps the world’s foremost educator on chia seeds. Dr. Coates was among the first to grow chia seeds experimentally (as far back as 1991) and later for commercial purposes. An expert in the field of new crops such as chia and jojoba, his career as a research professor at the University of Arizona spanned over twenty-five years. Dr. Coates holds a doctorate in Agricultural Engineering from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. He is the co-author with Ricardo Ayerza of Chia: Rediscovering a Forgotten Crop of the Aztecs, 2005.

Dr. Coates avers that not all the Omega-3 fatty acids that we take as part of our diet is essential. Most of us take in fish oils and algae oils, which contain mostly EPA and DHA Omega-3 acids, which are not essentially needed by the body.  The more important Omega-3 fatty acids known ALA (alpha linolenic acids) are often missing from our diets.  Yet, the needed ALA can be obtained from a regular intake of the Aztec superfood chia seed, marketing under the brand name MILA the Miracle seed.

Dr. Coates talks about Omega-3 fatty acids in the following video. (Please click on the link Is Mila a good source of Omega-3s?


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