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“After being on Mila for about three weeks I have experienced a great change! My energy level doesn’t crash in the afternoon (no need for my regular midday coffee) and I am able to focus better and get more accomplished. As an added bonus, I have even noticed a weight loss! This product is truly worth trying! Thanks!”

— Amie L.

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Mila, you got me sold, or rather the product speaks for itself and my children are taking it and as we speak I just finished introducing the product to my sister in law who is pregnant and she ran to go take it as well. That is what it’s all about, proper health and nutrition, living life to the fullest, to the max.”

— Chidi K.

“Hello Lifemax, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for providing us with such a great product. Mila is the best. From the first time i started taking this grain I felt a difference. MORE energy and BETTER mental awareness. I also want to take a minute to say hello to Jim and Sherri Wear. I think they have a done wonderful job in building this great company. They are surely attracting the right people.”

— Greg N.

“I have lost 35 lbs and met the goal established by my Dr. I am now a size 4/6 which is much smaller than the 14/16. The product keeps me full longer and satisfied. I use one full scoop a day and that is in the morning in my breakfast. I then go workout and find out I am burning on average 375-420 calories in that 30 minutes. I have more energy and this last me the day.”

— Dee Dee P.

“Well, I gave my daughter a canister 2 weeks ago and it has been a God send. She says she has more energy with dealing with the boys and she feels wonderful. Yesterday I spent the morning with her and she looked better than she has looked in months!! As a side note her husband is on the product too and this weekend in Orlando he is competing in his first Triathlon at Moss Park. He also gives credit to his renewed vigor to Lifemax.”

— Kevin B.

“I have had what I call an “addiction” with energy drinks. I would drink an average of 3-4 cans a day. That’s the average. Sometimes I would drink even more than that though!! I love energy!!! But, I really was having a hard time with it because I literally felt like I NEEDED it to get me through the day…”

“The morning I started using Mila I quit drinking energy drinks. I had immediate energy and it lasted the entire day! I noticed I was sleeping better, and actually felt different in the mornings. It was easier to wake up, and easier to go to sleep! I stopped drinking energy drinks on day 1 of Mila and haven’t needed it since!!!”

“I have more than enough energy and I just feel better. If you knew me personally, you would know that it is a HUGE DEAL. I drank that many cans for over 2 years and the day I started Lifemax, I quit!!! WOW–Think about it. Every single day for 2 years!!!”

“I also noticed I remember things a bit better. I am the worst at remembering even things that happened a day ago, and lately I don’t have to make nearly as many reminders for myself as I usually do.”

“I feel great, I feel happy, and I know that it’s Mila. NOTHING ELSE in my life has changed. I have been using the grain on the brain for almost a month now, and I don’t think I will be stopping anytime soon!”

— Tim W.

“Fervent defines the essence of my belief in my Lifemax experience. To share it is my goal. From the product introduction, to the ease of consumption leading to tremendous elevation in energy, and mental clarity, it is only natural that all involved, highlighted by founders Jim and Sherri Wear, are as real and inspirational as Mila itself. Having been involved in various facets of sales over the past twenty years, I am making Lifemax my most important message to deliver yet.”

— Kirt E.

“Yesterday I went WITHOUT Mila! Today I’m up three pounds, it is all water and swollen joints. I didn’t realize just how much the grain was doing for my inflammation! And the pain in the joints of my hands is back! I know that I have been working hard the last three weeks, (cleaning this house for the party last night and cleaning the rental house for new tenants) however I was beginning to feel like I was 40 again! I really liked the feeling of good health. I’m not real fond of feeling 68 again.”

— Mary C.

“My father brought a new product home he wanted me to try called Lifemax. I started mixing it in the morning with juice and after about two weeks my energy and focus returned! The chores I had to complete each day became easier and I had more focus with my home work which improved my grades greatly. My stamina in foot ball was greatly raised which helped me a lot. I recommend this product for all teenagers who want to find their focus in life.”

— Daniel A.

“I started using Mila from Lifemax on Monday, June 30, 2008 and I have lost 7 pounds in only 3 days!!!! The best part about it is that I feel great!! I am having very vivid dreams when I sleep!! So I wake up having more energy and better mental clarity!! Everyone should eat this AMAZING grain!!! My friends keep telling me how much thinner I look!! This is going to be a VERY SUCCESSFUL company with results like mine!! Thanks LifeMax.”

— Thomas S.



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