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“I have been taking Lifemax for 2 months and just love the difference in my energy level! I no longer need to take a coffee break in the middle of the day to get my ‘second wind’ I have also noticed a difference in my hair, nails and skin. But what I like the most about Lifemax is that due to it not having any taste my four teenage daughters love to use it also. It is a wonderful product and I look forward to sharing it with my family and friends.”

— Lisa C.

“Since my husband, Andy, and I have been married, he has gained quite a bit of weight — probably 65 lbs. or so — and lost his hair, too. (I guess he has been very happy or very well fed by me. LOL) Over the course of the last several years, he has tried unsuccessful to lose that weight through dieting and exercising. He felt that maybe that was just how he was supposed to be. When he started eating the LifeMax Mila, he began to notice a difference in his digestive system right away and he wasn’t so cranky because he wasn’t as hungry. In a little over 6 weeks, he lost 29 lbs! He is still working at it but sees Lifemax as a way to get back to a thinner, healthier Andy. And I get my old Lovey back! His hair hasn’t grown back again, but there’s nothing sexier than a buff bald man!”

“As for me, I work hard everyday working in my private Neuromuscular practice with chronic patients. At the end of the day, my hands can become very sore and I can be exhausted physically — it’s like doing yoga for hours on end. Since using Mila, I feel so much energy even after the end of a long day. I, too, have noticed a huge difference in my digestive system and that’s even after I have tried some natural remedies made just for colon cleansing.”

“As for my kids, I’ve never seen them ask for something healthy like they do for Mila&. They love it in chocolate milk, yogurt smoothies, brownies, cookies, and even meatloaf. Thanks, Lifemax, for keeping me and my family healthy!”

— Pamela S.

“My boss (and best friend) came to me and told me about this new grain she had heard about and asked me to go to a meeting with her in Orlando. I said ok but didn’t believe it would be anything that would work. We went to the meeting and I listened to people talking but still didn’t believe what I was hearing. I knew I wouldn’t believe it unless it made a difference in my life. Well finally 3 weeks ago we got Lifemax. I have taken 1 scoop a day ever since we got it. I wanted to take it like everyone said so I could know for sure it worked. Starting Lifemax for me had nothing to do with making money although I am a single Mom and can use extra money. My main goal here is to maintain good health and help everyone I can so others don’t have to go through the pain I have gone through. I just wish I would have known of Lifemax a few months ago, maybe I could have helped my mom.”

— Sandy K.


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MILA helps us fight aging Origins of the Chia

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