MILA is CHIA, and only the best CHIA

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Several companies now market chia as the world’s superfood.  But MILA has proven to be the only one that has consistently provided the highest quality, high-grade chia seed anywhere in the world.

waynecoatesfieldsWhat Makes MILA different?

Says Dr. Wayne Coates, the rediscoverer and the foremost expert on Salvia hispanica L., the chia plant: “There are many types of chia out there. There are people growing it in different places.

“The first problem is, if you’re not sure about the quality of the seed, and you don’t know about chia in particular, the problem is you don’t know whether it’s good or bad. You can’t tell if there are wheat seeds in there, if they’re immature.  And the problem with immature seeds is that Omega-3 content is very low. And you can end up with dirty seed.

“If the product in particular is ground chia that’s available, they can definitely hid a lot of garbage if you will. It’s not harmful; it’s just not have enough of the benefits.

“What we’ve done with MILA is that we’ve actually selected seeds from different locations.  We know that depending on the climate, the soil, and time of harvest, we can affect the quality. We then not only select from different regions but we also look at the whole aspect of cleaning to ensure that the base seeds that are going into the product are of the absolutely best we can get.

“Then we process it in a system that carefully controls how the seed is opened.  It is opened where the temperature is not increased at all, because increasing temperature will lead to oxidation.  So by selecting the seed, producing a high quality product that increased the bio-availability through the processing operation, it is the best available.

“When I say bio-available, it means tha your body will get more out of it.  The whole seed itself is very good, but by opening it, in essence it allows the stomach acids to get at all the aspects of the seed internally, utilize what’s needed,and go from there.  And that’s why I think, we have the absolute best product out there.

“Sure there’s lots of people out there selling cheap chia. You can find it on the internet. ButI have people contact me saying “I bought this seed, and it doesn’t work.” And I’m talking seed compared to seed, without even comparing to MILA.  But nobody I ever talked talk made any detrimental comments about MILA, compared to the whole seed.

“I  think the key is, we have the quality, and we will continue with the whole process of improving the quality.  We’re not only working to select seeds.  We’re looking at different growing regions.  We’re looking at improving the process to ensure that the product we have available is the absolute best that is possible.”

Watch the interview here.


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