Chia– a staple superfood of the Aztecs

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MILA the miracle seed is a proprietary selection of chia seeds from the higher elevations of Central and Southern America.  Until 500 years ago, it was one of the 4 staple crops of the Aztecs (corn, beans, chia, amaranth).  Aztec warriors  brought it along during their hunts and battles to help maintain their energy and provide complete nutrition even in the most desolate places.

Aztecs held festivals to thank their gods for bountiful harvests. One of these falls at the precise day of Easter.  Thus when the Spanish came those shores, they practically forced the chia plant into extinction. Centuries later, only a few families propagated chia (Salvia hipanica L.) for their own use.

The foremost expert in the world on the growing and harvesting of Salvia hispanica L. and the rediscoverer of the seed, Dr. Wayne Coates, set out to enhance the nutritional value of the basic Salvia hispanica L. by combining the best qualities from many variations of the seed. After extensive research by Dr. Coates and his team of scientists, this goal was accomplished resulting in the world’s most beneficial and nutritious version of Salvia hispanica L., Mila™.

Mila™ has the highest and safest combination of Omega-3 fatty acids, Antioxidants, Fiber and Phytonutrients of any source. It is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and pesticide-free!

Mila™ is gluten-free, trans-fat free, sugar-free, high in fiber and protein, has no taste or smell and can be deliciously combined with many foods! Its supreme biological properties are not diminished by heat in the baking process, therefore making it easy to incorporate into your favorite recipes.

To learn more try the benefits of the CHIA seed, as the microsliced MILA, you may order through the LifeMax website.

In the Philippines, email or call 0928 6148600 or 02-4559230 to try theMILA out.


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